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The most acclaimed photographers in the industry. Certification from Shaw Academy in the UK, followed by an association with Flipkart and Amazon as their imaging partners, today, Avigyan has won several accolades and a bucketload of praise for his fascinating work. Today, with a remarkable experience of over half a decade, he is an expert at all things wedding photography! Based out of the city of Kolkata,

Avigyan and his team of skilled, brilliant professionals put in their heart and soul to capture your brilliant moments in all their glory. Attention to detail, an excellent understanding of light, and fantastic knowledge of the post-production process ensures that the entire experience from start to finish is a seamless one. They are creative and unique in their approach, and perfectionists to the core. Moreover, working with the team will find you in the company of a crew that is accommodating, flexible and patient. With the ability to make absolutely anything comfortable in front of the lens, they are able to capture not just posed, but also natural and truly candid moments. No doubt then, Avigyan Roy is a fabulous option in case you are looking for a wedding photographer.

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